What is a cleanse? It is a way to recharge and rejuvenate your body.
What is a detoxification? It is a way to remove impurities from the blood.

What is a regenerative detoxification? Regenerative means to cause a healing or become active again after it has been damaged or inactive. Regenerative Detoxification in short is the art of regenerating tissues in your body by removing obstructions and alkalizing the body’s system.

This type of detoxification cleanses the body of acidic waste thereby regenerating your cells and restoring your health. Your lymph needs to flow properly to remove waste from your body. The human body is designed to create a balance between acidic and alkaline. When there is a balance your body will take chemicals from the alkaline side to regulate the blood’s ph. When your body is too acidic it causes lymphatic stagnation and inflammation.

-a thorough health and wellness assessment
-a iridology(*) reading and report
-individualized schedule to fit your personal needs: 30 minutes weekly or 60 minutes bi-weekly weekly coaching
-personal access to email/texting your coach in-between sessions

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