Michelle is a Life and Relationship Coach who first began her personal transformation and coaching journey in 1982. She is most successful in leading clients to create breakthroughs in their life. Her methodology begins with inquiries followed with a series of insightful questioning. The outcome of her coaching gives clients access to freedom and self-expression.

In a very simple and effective fashion, Michelle’s coaching illuminates the barriers that stop you in life. These may include:

  • breaking down speech patterns in favor of speaking powerfully, rather than generally;
  • giving up defending and apologizing in favor of authentic and direct communication;
  • giving up gossiping and complaining in favor of uncovering your true commitment; and/or
  • coming from love in favor of seeking love externally.

You will learn to love and honor yourself by implementing practices into your everyday life. Michelle is innovative, intuitive and inspiring. She is genuinely committed to your success so that your life soars.