“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages.” William Shakespeare

We are empowered during times when unexpected events change our life. These times can suddenly make life feel uncertain. Our stability in life is shaken and yet these are powerful times. It is a time when we find that our visions must be reevaluated and even recreated. We should be excited during this time in our life because there is always hope as we remake ourselves from the inside out.

As we grow older, our choices do become less but there are still choices. No matter what age you are when this shift happens in life, it is a time for you to begin a new journey. Let go of your planned life and step back to see all the paths that are before you.

This is a time for you to discover your life’s fulfilled purpose. Together we will discover your gifts, passions and desires. This program will bring you to trust your innate wisdom. What is innate wisdom? It is an inner knowing. Have you ever felt something is going to happen and it does? It is that gut feeling and inner small voice that are often referred to as intuition.

We will travel to the uninvited places within and see what it is like for others to do life with us. This session will bring us to the realization that we do have the inner strength to pick our battles in life. You cannot change the people around you but you can change the people you are around. Yes, our life is like a play and we are both the Director and Casting Director. We pick the actors, the main characters as well as the script. The front row seats are reserved for special and deserving people and those who sit in your front row should be chosen carefully. Then others need to be seated in the nosebleed seats. We can love them from afar.

Are you ready to begin this journey? Then get ready to find another path and determine what you need to take on this journey and what you need to leave behind. Breathe and remember that small steps lead to big journeys. We will take each step as you are ready so that these sessions are never overwhelming.

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