Feeling Lonely? Be Empowered To Change The Experience

By October 1, 2017 May 7th, 2019 Health Coaching Blogs

Loneliness can create times when you may feel like being a Couch Potato. You may feel like binge eating. If you find yourself living a life alone or feeling lonely, be creative! Time to answer the call to revive your social skills. There are so many things you can do so that feelings of loneliness do not lead into depression or isolation.

Here are some ideas to consider to keep the loneliness bug at bay:

1. Go to the movie theater. This is my favorite alone go-to-place.

2. Instead of being on your computer at home, take your laptop and go search the web in a coffee shop. There are community tables so you have an opportunity to connect with others.

3. Museums are a great place to spend time. Remember every museum changes its exhibits. I always meet people at museums and our conversations are enlightening.

4. Take a bike ride. If you do not own a bike, there are now City bikes that you can rent. If you cannot ride a bike, volunteer at the next local bike ride.

5. You can take a walk on different walking paths or in neighborhoods.

6. Ahhh, my favorite. If your life has room for a dog, get one. He/She with smother you with love. If you cannot get a dog, volunteer to walk your neighbor’s dog.

7. There are those Paint & Wine classes held all over the city. You can practice your social skills as you join strangers in painting. You can have a glass of wine to warm you up to being social. You will find that these classes bring laughter as you and everyone else tries to find the Picasso deep within your soul.

8. Walk-A-Thons: Walk for a cause and join thousands of others. You now have a common cause with strangers. You will be supporting a cause and get to connect with others. You can even create a team and get others to join you or to financially support you.

I know it is not easy when you are having to create a strategy to deal with loneliness. However, taking steps to fill the empty places in your life is actually a safeguard against depression.

We each are so unique that we have our own fingerprints. There is no one in this world who can be you.

I know loneliness is reality for many but you are empowered to change the experience. Remember, being alone does not mean you are lonely.

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