Don’t Make Yourself Hangry, It’s Time To Refuel

By January 1, 2017 May 7th, 2019 Health Coaching Blogs

The need for sustenance can really turn your happy into hanger.

Do not wait until you become irritable, angry or frustrated. We know that being hungry can do this to us. The lack of food causes us to do things that do not reflect the best in us. You may recall a time when you were so hungry, you yelled at someone or even rolled your eyes at the closest innocent victim who crossed your path.  Visualize the gas gauge in your car. Do you stop for gas when the red light turns on? Or do you stop for gas when the gauge is almost at that bottom notch. Well when you begin to experience hunger pangs that is your “red light” telling you that it is time for nourishment.  If you wait for 12 to 24 hours after your last ingestion, you will most likely grab anything in sight and overeat. So when you begin to feel the first hunger pang, STOP, LISTEN – your body is letting you know it is time to refuel.

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