What is a detoxification? It is the process of removing toxic substances or qualities.

What is a regenerative detoxification? The cleansing takes place at the cellular level with a diet that alkalizes our bodies. The cells are not only cleansed from toxins but there is a regenerative process that takes place at the cellular level.

Regenerative means to cause a healing or become active again after it has been damaged or inactive. Regenerative Detoxification in short is the art of regenerating tissues in your body by removing obstructions and alkalizing the body’s system.

This type of detoxification cleanses the body of acidic waste thereby regenerating your cells and restoring your health. Your lymph needs to flow properly to remove waste from your body. The human body is designed to create a balance between acidic and alkaline. When there is a balance your body will take chemicals from the alkaline side to regulate the blood’s ph. When your body is too acidic it causes lymphatic stagnation and inflammation.

How is a regenerative detoxification achieved? We rely on a mixture of organic herbs that are personally selected for you. A Certified coach will assess your lifestyle then select herbs that will assist your body in getting rid of the toxins. You will be coached throughout your detox. You are well worth a detox journey.

What are the common causes for a toxic body? Processed foods, genetically modified foods, fats, chemicals, sugars and non-nutrient foods. The lymphatic system is cleansed during this detox and through an alkalization of your body.

Why do we need to alkalize our bodies? It is proven that cancer only lives in an acidic environment. In fact, cancer thrives in an acidic body. An alkaline body is the key that opens both health and healing. Everything in life is balanced so health is 80% alkaline and 20% acidity.

What does inflammation?  Inflammation leads to sickness and chronic inflammation may lead to disease. Inflammation is the body’s response to an injury. It is a very important part of the immune system signaling to you that something is wrong. There is no healing and repair to damaged tissue because your body has no defense against “invaders such as viruses and bacteria.”

What are the benefits of a regenerative detoxification? When you have an alkalized body, there are countless benefits and these are just a few: cholesterol goes down in the vascular system, calcification breaks apart and calcium can re-enter the thyroid gland, hardened deposits like fat stores, kidney stones and gout are dissolved and eliminated and old, hardened, mucous that have been obstructions to the flow of lymph, can be removed.

 Why is a coach needed during a regenerative detoxification?  First you have someone who will not only guide you through this journey but who will encourage you to stay the course. A coach will create a detox that allows you to transition at a pace that is comfortable for you. It is also important to understand that a detox achieved at a fast pace may cause other medical issues to surface during a detox. And finally, in life there are just some things we should never go it alone and this is one.

Where are our Detoxification Specialist certified? Dr. Robert Morse Herbal Health Center.

A message from the Founder of Destined Transformation: Our bodies will heal itself when we create the right conditions. I personally did a regenerative detox for 5 ½ months. I did not believe in Dr. Morse nor his detox program. However I did trust a friend who is a certified detox specialist from Dr. Morse’s Health Center. I had two brain surgeries that left my trigeminal facial nerve damaged. If the shower water hit the left side of my face too hard or if I laughed too much, my face would become distorted. I was completely healed in three weeks. I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis and in the mornings I would awake with pain and stiff hands. I was completely healed in one month. I believe my amazing healing happened in a very short time due to my never relying on over-the-counter analgesics nor pharmaceuticals …. not even Tylenol. I am now a believer in regenerative detoxification as I plan to do this yearly. I encourage you to take control of your health and do a detox.

Founder of Destined Transformation