Are there days you feel like a hamster on a wheel?

In today’s world, our daily schedules are so busy that performing in every area of our lives can be exhausting. As we strive to meet each daily challenge, sometimes we find ourselves simply trying to keep all the balls in the air or struggling to live up to the expectations we have set, which can be stressful, particularly in the workplace. Relieving stress in the workplace is especially crucial in these fast paced times. Stress can often be eliminated or greatly reduced by implementing simple steps to manage stressful situations. For example, there are breathing and meditation techniques that can relieve stress. Or something as simple as a five or ten minute break with a healthy mid-morning snack and stretching can make all the difference.

In the corporate setting, mental and physical exercise are equally important to stay healthy and be an effective employee. Exercise increases energy and improves the quality of sleep, which makes us more productive. However, we often make up excuses for why we do not exercise. Work schedules are too busy and we do not have time, or you may think you do not enjoy exercise or doing physical activity. However, there are many ways to fit in exercise even with our busy schedules. Many activities you are already doing each day (and enjoy) are actually a form of exercise because it is movement. For example, do not fail to credit all of the benefits you receive from walking. In fact, just by walking you can maintain a healthy weight, prevent heart disease and high blood pressure, improve your mood and lower stress. Please take a moment and view the video, Movement Is Exercise.

You are empowered to make lifestyle changes. Remember small steps leads to big journeys.