Chela profoundly understands the difficulties, challenges, and struggles of loving and caring for someone with significant brain change. She is a caregiver turned advocate after personally caring for her mom who was diagnosed with Dementia. Chela will guide you from when you need to tell someone they have the disease and coach you through stages and experiences you can expect to go through.

Before Dementia.

Before Dementia.
A Personal Note from Chela

“Any form of Dementia is no joke for all concerned. The irony is that the only way to get through it is to laugh and find the good in the contrast, focus on what remains. Who knew Mom’s diagnosis would deepen our patience, broaden our compassion, and teach us about unconditional love?” – Chela 

From the Founder of Destined Transformation

It is estimated that there are approximately 44 million people worldwide living with Alzheimer’s disease or a related form of Dementia. In the U.S., an estimated 5.5 million people of all ages have Alzheimer’s disease. Of these, around 5.3 million are 65 and older and 200,000 are younger and have early-onset Alzheimer’s disease.

There is no one more qualified to coach and prepare you to love and stay patient with someone suffering from this disease than someone who has been on that journey. Chela was at her mom’s side until her passing.

Here's to Dementia!

Here’s to Dementia!